Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jesus speaks to God the Father on our behalf

Some people may think that sin is a normal part of the Christian life. They agree that we will continue to sin. They may even think that it does not matter. God will forgive us when we sin. But sin does matter. Christians ought not to continue to sin. They should not sin. Sin is an enemy that will move us from the light. (That is, it will move us away from everything that is good, holy, and right.) Sin will get between God and us. It spoils the joy that Christians should share.

John writes as a father. He writes to his children whom he loves. He tells them that they should not sin. He wrote the letter to help them not to sin.

We should not sin but we are human and weak. If we sin, we have to confess it to God. We must decide that we will not do that sin again. If possible we should put right what we have done wrong. And we must ask the Lord to forgive us our sin.

If anyone does sin, God has the remedy for it. Someone is ready to help us. He comes to our rescue. This person is able to speak to God the Father. He is the agent for the person who sinned. Jesus Christ is this person. He has never sinned. He has always done what was right. He is the perfect man and he is God the Son. He understands us and he is God. So, he can speak with God the Father. He can ask God to forgive our sins.

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